“God”— His existence is the most important subject for human.

But, is there a God, or is this belief, only a creation of our imaginations? 

If ´´God´´ really exists, then, where is He, and why can we not see him?

There are many such questions, which need proper answers.


Let us first assume, that there is no God, so obviously, we will not believe, in any religious philosophies, or prophets etc. Can we then be at peace with ourselves, or are there some questions, which that need answers?


Even though we declare ourselves to be Atheists,

Can we convince ourselves, and be at peace with ourselves?

By our experience, we know that there is always a procedure to find out knowledge of something.

We need some kind of proof to believe something, and if we declare that there is no God, then what is the proof?

                                 NO PROOF FOR ATHEISM

The problem is that if we suppose that there is no Creator of this universe, then we must believe that the nature has created itself without a God. There are no examples to reinforce these beliefs, and even if we somehow take a strong stand on this theory, we will not be able to convince ourselves why certain things have certain characteristics, and how nature, which has created itself so perfect.


Weather we have faith, or not, we know, that for every effect, there is a cause, and for every move, there is a mover.

 So, if there is no one behind our wonderful planet, and the system in which they all are bind, how can we believe?

 We are forced by ourselves, to believe, that there must be a creator and in charge of this universe.                                       

We also know that we cannot taste with an eye, and hear with a tongue, so obviously, there may be a chance that we cannot find God with our physical eyes and may be some kind of special spiritual senses are provided for those purposes.

                                  THE VERDICT OF WISDOM

We may say, as some people claim, that the universe just arrived “naturally”, with a so- called ´´bang´´ and without a Creator, but the heart and even the brain will simply not accept this, because we have never experienced, any other fact on these lines.

May be there was a time, when word, “bang “could have been used to convince people for the creation of heaven and earth, but now a days, we see many times, these such so- called ´´bangs´´ when terrorists destroy something, and never anything good is produced.  

                               THERE SHOULD BE A CREATOR

Scientists, many of whom deny the existence of God, are forced to believe on the need of some creator, because of certain discoveries, such as that if the force of gravity was even slightly different in one direction, the sun would burn too hot for the earth to survive as a life-sustaining planet. That proves that there must be behind all these wonders, otherwise, the universe simply cannot exist.  

                                         NATURE SPEAKS

The nature is evidence of the existence of God. The colourful hues of the sunset, the depth of the sea, the alternation of day and night, the creation of man in the best possible shape, the sun, the moon, and the stars, are all, perfectly balanced, they do not allow any heart to deny His existence.

                                         GOD IN HEARTS 

Another proof of God is that experience has shown that the existence of God is written on the inner most plates of our souls. If a human sits with himself and tries to talk to his spirit, the spirit will produce a feeling of satisfaction in favour of the belief in God.

Though some people deny the fact, that they believe in any kind of God, but they say so, because they cannot satisfy them with self-made ordinary proof, otherwise, the experience has proved that their attitude changed, in extreme fear or happiness. 

                                 AN INSTANCE OF AN ATHEIST

Once upon a time, an atheist, who was well known for his beliefs, was on one of the floors of a multi-story building when suddenly an earthquake occurred.

He, like everybody else, rushed towards the stairs. But while he was running down, being frightened, he cried, 

“God….. God, God.”

After the quake, somebody asked, that why he is being a nonbeliever, shouted for God. He said, “I don’t know…, but I was very scared.”

 The reality is that the light of truthfulness never completely extinguishes from any human heart. Fact is that due to a person’s wrong way of thinking, the heart becomes hard, and the truth is covered with false theories, but any time when the heart gets a shock, the heart becomes soft, and the hidden truth gets a chance to peep through and flows in form a saying or an attitude. 

                          GOD PRESENTED BY PROPHETS

Although the Prophets of different times preached, different ways of life, according to their respective times, but belief in God,  always remained the same.

For example, when the Christians reached Asia, they came to know about prophets Rama, Krishna, Buddha, and Confucius. One thing was similar in these people. All their preaching revolved around the theory of the “will of God’’.

So, as we compare their teachings with other teachings, we have no option but to believe that all these prophets must have one Master, otherwise, we must believe an impossible factor, that these prophets have met somewhere to make such similar theories.

 All of them stressed that there is a God, and, believing in him was always the first and most important of the commandments. In other words, there can be no religion without the central idea of God.

And that “someone” whom we may call him Allah, God, or Jehovah, is the creator of everything. He is the one who created the heavens and the earth. Time, distance, rules of nature, and everything we see or feel, like sun, moon, stars, mountains, seas, humans, clouds, trees, animals, all give us signals, that there is some one behind these wonders. 

These wonders, all around us, are beyond our imagination to understand. How is it controlled and run.? How has He raised up the heaven without pillars, and the secret of alternation of day and night? If we look at a branch of a non-sweet tree that which bears fruits, is not sweet but the fruit is that are sweet, how and when was the sugar mixed?               

Strange, very strange. 

Whatever we see or feel, on this Planet earth, and in the sky, we cannot simply never imagine, how was it was created.

 If all the great scientists of all times get together, they can simply create an insect from nothing, so who is behind all this?

The proof of His being is scattered over the universe like a mirror. The light of sun, moon, and stars, the flying birds, the swimming fish, the hues and colours of flowers and gardens; the love-laden glances of beautiful faces, and even a curly lock of hair point and remind us that there is someone behind these mysteries.

                        THE LAST PROOF – THE GREATEST WONDER

For an intelligent being, the last proof of God are we humans, the greatest wonder of the world, created with the most suitable body structure so wisely that no brain can conceive of a better figure.

 If we are not completely blind, we will feel that someone, we may call him with any name, has sprinkled the salt of emotions on our heart, in the shape of love, zeal, excitement, passions etc.

                       BELIEF BETTER THAN DISBELIEF

There is a piece of advice for every wise person, that believing ion God is better than being an atheist, because, if there is no God, then on the day of judgement, both the believer and the atheist will become equal.

 But if after the death, we came to know about the existence of God, then the believers will be rewarded for their faith, and the non-believer will lose.

The fact is that we as human do not have a choice, but to believe in existing of God.

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